Emergency Closure

Emergency Closures Policy


The school policy on emergency closures was drafted as a whole school exercise involving parents, pupils, staff and Board of Management.  It was circulated to the entire school community in 2007 and will be posted on the school website in due course.


The need for the school to devise a policy on emergency closures in recent years is primarily due to

  1. Upgrading of the local water scheme on a phased basis which has led to supplies being disconnected on a number of occasions in recent months
  2. Inclement weather, such as heavy snowfalls, high winds etc.
  3. Building programmes and alterations to the design of the school which have necessitated unscheduled closures on Health and Safety grounds in recent years.
  4. ESB failure which leaves no heat or light.

Relationship to School Ethos

Scoil Mhuire na mBuachailli National School strives to provide a child friendly, secure environment catering for all the needs of all students as far as is practicable and where respect is fostered in a culture which values diversity and difference

Aims and Objectives

  • To provide for the welfare of all pupils while on the school premises
  • To ensure a safe, child friendly school environment is available to all children
  • To conform with Health and Safety legislation