Academic Calender 14-15

School closures for the academic year 2014/2015, as we know them to date:

Halloween Break: Closing for the week 27th October – opening 31tst  November.

Christmas Break: Closing on Friday 19th Dec – opening Monday 5th January.

Mid Term Break: Closed Thursday 19th and Friday 20th February

Easter Holidays: Closing on Friday 27th March  – opening Monday 13th April

Summer Holidays: Closing on Friday 26th June.

Other days children are not at school

Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th March (St. Patrick’s Day)

Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th May – Public Holiday (Long Weekend)

Monday 1st and Tuesday 2nd June – Public Holiday (Long Weekend)

We will furnish you with any further information as it becomes available.