School Evaluation Report 2013/2014

School Evaluation Report 2013/2014

Scoil Mhuire na mBuachaillí is a senior boys school catering for boys from 2nd to 6th class. It’s

a catholic school where the policies, practices and attitudes are inspired by our catholic ethos. It is a DEIS Band 2 school.

The philosophy of our school is to provide for the development of each boy’s religious, moral, intellectual, physical and social education.

Each boy being unique and coming from different homes and family backgrounds, our school strives to create an environment conducive to the growth and development, spiritual, intellectual, artistic and physical needs of each individual boy.

The Findings

On completion of our testing for this year our staff has decided on focusing on the following areas for improvement

Reading – Literacy

Tables – Numeracy

Attendance – Focus on the boys who have missed more than 20 days in 2013-14 for 14-15.


Our target to improve overall average percentiles for Literacy and Numeracy over the period of time that children are with us worked out as follows for the 6th class of 2014:


Average for 6th class 2014 increased by 11{c710262f72a1b0e6a57c7266508ba7019eb1052d90bae344267f95b35e9c8f10} in their time in our school

This is taken from Micra-T 2014 average percentiles


Average for 6th class 2014 increased by 30{c710262f72a1b0e6a57c7266508ba7019eb1052d90bae344267f95b35e9c8f10} in their time in our school

Taken from Sigma T 2014 average percentiles.


2011-12 ——91.6{c710262f72a1b0e6a57c7266508ba7019eb1052d90bae344267f95b35e9c8f10}

2012-13—— 93.9{c710262f72a1b0e6a57c7266508ba7019eb1052d90bae344267f95b35e9c8f10}


This shows that the interventions of the last 3 years have worked in all of the above areas.

Literacy – Peer mentoring Station teaching, First steps

Numeracy – Focus on mental maths and tables

Attendance- monthly awards for the class with the best attendance and end of year individual awards.

Focus for 2014-15

The focus for 2014-15 will be on reading and the promotion of reading both at home and at school.

We will continue the practices of the last number of years in order to maintain the progress we have made.