Easter to Summer 2015

School closures – Reminder school closed Monday and Tuesday 4th and 5th May – Long Public Holiday Weekend.                                                                                                 Friday 22nd May – School closed for referendum.                                                                 June 1st and 2nd – Long public holiday weekend.                                                                    School closes for Summer Holidays on Friday 26th June.

School Activities                                                                                                                        Junior and Senior Lunchtime Leagues have commenced and will run throughout this term. Hurling coaching weekly for every class.                                                                                 School hurling team participating in mini 7’s championships and county championships.     Athletics club starts up again on Monday 27th April at Lunchtime.                                       Transition days for 6th classes to second level schools.                                                       Transition days for 1st class in the Junior school to our school and an open day for parents scheduled for 5th June at 1 p.m.                                                                                 Swimming gala is on 19th June in the Glencarn Hotel.                                                           Presentation Day is currently planned for Tuesday 23rd June.

Our school sports and tour dates will take place during the months of May and June on dates yet to be decided upon.