Download text a parent app

Please download the new TextaParent App to your phone. School messages and calendar updates can now be sent to the App.

Dear Parents

We are incredibly aware of the importance of communicating with parents/guardians about all aspects of school life.

In an effort to reduce costs, TextaParent has developed a messaging App in addition to the standard texting service. The cost of sending a message to the App is significantly lower than a standard text message. There is no cost to you, the parent/guardian. All we ask is you download the TextaParent App on your Smartphone.

No missed messages
If there are occasions where you might not have your mobile data turned on or you are not connected to Wi-Fi, the TextaParent system will see that your App is unavailable and send you a standard text message automatically.

 To download the App to your phone:

  • Search for the Textaparent App on the App or Play Store and install onto your phone.
  • You will be asked for your mobile number and a verification message will be sent to your mobile phone. This simply aligns your mobile phone number with our school’s TextaParent Account.
  • Open the App, accept “Allow Notifications”.

The App also contains an ‘Events Calendar’, this will be updated with important dates and events throughout the school year for you to view.

While we have a comprehensive list of parents phone numbers on file and to ensure that we have your most up-to-date and reliable numbers please inform the school if you have recently changed your mobile number

Thanking you for your co-operation.

Yours sincerely

Eamon Mc Eneaney


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