Childrens Art competition

Hi there,
I hope this email finds you safe and well?
I just wanted to let you know about an art competition that I set up on April 8th. The aim is to encourage children to take a moment to reflect on, and be inspired by, the various actions being taken by people all around them. Let’s celebrate Irelands budding young artists while recognising the heroes that have stepped up for our country in the recent weeks and months.
We would like submissions from children based on the hero in their lives helping them through this time. This hero should be a person known to them as we will have special prizes for the winning artists hero. Some examples to help the children are as follows:

  • Maybe it’s your Mam or Dad who is a nurse or doctor on the frontline
  • Perhaps it’s your Gran or Grandad who are sticking out cocooning like a trooper
  • Maybe it’s your Aunt or Uncle who are out delivering hot meals to the homeless, checking in on elderly neighbours
  • Could it be your brother or sister who helped to keep you entertained throughout the lockdown
  • Perhaps it could be your neighbour who is working round the clock as a paramedic or your cousin who is delivering goods to our shops
  • For more inspiration please check out our facebook and instagram pages where some of the excellent submissions to date have been featured!

Submissions are open until June 3rd and you can find full details on the website. I would be grateful if you could spread the word with the parents of your students and I look forward to seeing the creative submissions!
Many thanks,
Eamonn Lunn




Instagram: drawyourhero2020


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